Ladybug Week

Term 2, Week 6, June 2nd, 2017


It wouldn’t really be ladybug week without reading Darius The Bad-tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle.

We watch a Youtube reading of the  story. Click HERE for the link. Ladybug rhymes to read. Click HERE for a copy of the poem.


Dazzy had a great time with this book and, allow me a Proud Mummy Moment, he produced some amazing writing without any help! (The word ‘animals’ he did copy- the rest is his own.) This from the child who did not even know all the letters of the alphabet at the beginning of this year.

IMG_5790 (1).jpg

We went looking for our sight words and spelling words hidden under ‘ladybugs’ all over the garden.

IMG_5778.jpg IMG_5779.jpg

In English Cyrus, needed to go back over some earlier grammar skills and we spent a week practising all things noun related.

IMG_5785.jpg IMG_5786.jpg

In Maths Cy has been struggling with multiplication by 2 or more digits so I found a cool new way to teach that. Turtle Head Multiplication. Click HERE for explanation if you’d like to use with your kids. And here’s a fun video Cy watched to help him understand.

IMG_5768.jpg blog_turtlehead.jpg


In fractions, Cy learnt a cool way for working out equivalent fractions without having to use hands-on materials.


Click HERE if your kids would love this.




Darius had fun with lady bug math. We covered odd and even numbers this week as well as skip counting and beginning addition.

IMG_5756.jpg IMG_5766.jpg IMG_5764.jpg

Click HERE for some free Ladybug printables for your little one.


In science we covered parts of a ladybug, life cycle and lots of other interesting facts.

IMG_5760.jpg IMG_5762.jpg

If you have a mad keen bug fan you might be interested in THESE hands on lady bug activities.


We covered so much more including music and LOTE. But more about them in another post. And no ladybug week would be complete with playing Build a Bug just for fun.

IMG_5752.jpg IMG_5750.jpg IMG_5753.jpg

Well, that’s us for this buggy week. See you next week when we do SPIDERS!!

Love, The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys xx

PS- The homeschool Dog sends her love, but she isn’t coming out from the bed covers for ANYONE this week. Too cold!




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