Our Week in Review: EARTH AND SUN FUN!

TERM 3, Week One, Two and Three.


This term the boys are learning all about SPACE!

We started the first two weeks learning about the earth and the sun. Space is a massive topic for little Darius to get his mind around so we are doing as much hands on learning as possible. We started with planet Earth, its position from the sun and how it rotates around the sun. This involved some very funny theatrics watching Cyrus pretend to be planet Earth rotating around Darius the ‘sun’. But the point about rotation and day and night and seasons was made.

We also learnt a bit about the layers of the Earth as Darius asked if we could go on an excursion to the centre of the earth. Yup, so we had to show him why that would result in imminent death ūüôā¬†The boys had lots of fun making play dough models of the earth’s layers

Layers-of-the-Earth-playdough--683x1024.jpg IMG_5987.jpg IMG_5990.jpg IMG_5991.jpg

So if you have a little Earth Scientist in your midst they might enjoy THIS EARTH PLAY DOUGH activity. We also made some great MARBLED EARTH PICTURES. And we found some awesome hands on earth fun for younger children. Try this EARTH SLIME or EARTH SENSORY BIN for starters!

earth-day-craft-for-kids-4.jpg Planet-Earth-Slime-Dr-Seuss-Lorax-Activity-for-Kids-2-680x1020.jpg IMG_6063.jpgSensory-Earth-Day-Activities-for-Kids-using-Water-Beads-at-B-Inspired-Mama.jpg

We also learnt about light and shadows, how fast light can travel (Darius has decided he can run at least that fast!) and how light cannot bend around solid objects.

We made LEGO SUNDIALS and learnt about how shadows can tell the time!

Lego Sundial Science Experiment for Kids.jpg IMG_6085.jpg IMG_6084.jpg

The boys had heaps of fun investigating shadows of solid objects and see through objects.

In English, Darius is reading EARTH DANCE and WHO LIKES THE SUN? While Cyrus is reading the novel SPACE CASE by Stuart Gibbs and NUMBER THE STARS by Lois Lowry.

Unknown.jpeg Unknown-1.jpeg space-case.jpg collins-modern-classics.jpg

Learning sight words and Spelling is also lots of hands on fun. We wrote out INVISIBLE LETTERS and also used magnetic letters and threading letter beads to learn words. The boys find this a lot more fun than writing our words and I find it a more effective way to teach. They actually remember their spelling and sight words from these hands on activities. And that is the point after all!

IMG_5977.jpg IMG_5973.jpg IMG_5978.jpg

IMG_6020.jpg IMG_6069.jpg IMG_6015.jpg

Darius is learning the last few letters of the alphabet and starting on digraphs (Th, Sh, Ch). We have lots of fun games for helping him hear and identify beginning sounds, like this one below where he matched small items with their beginning sounds on the ABC chart.

IMG_6061.jpg IMG_6057.jpg

In math Cyrus learnt the formula for perimeter and area after lots of hands on investigation to ‘discover’ the formula for himself. GEO BOARDS and LEGO¬†make great tools for these concepts. Click HERE for more hands on fun for AREA and PERIMETER.

IMG_5994.jpg IMG_5992.jpg IMG_5983.jpg

Hands-on-Fun-with-Area-and-Perimeter.jpg Geoboard-Perimeter-and-Area.png

Darius had fun learning about NUMBER LINES, counting forwards and backwards and numbers before and after. We also made our teen numbers out of play dough and then squished numbers before or after a given number with the hammer! Now, what’s not to love about that!

Lego-Numberline-Pin.jpg IMG_5980.jpg

IMG_6074.jpg IMG_6075.jpg IMG_6077.jpg

IMG_6019.jpg IMG_6029.jpg

And of course, the Homeschool Dog was out of bed and doing lots of helping- NOT! Well, she did manage to pose for a photo in her new knitted jumper! That counts, right?



Till next week, remember, it’s a big small world.

Go find your wonder!


The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys