Our Week in Review: Mercury Week.

Term 3, Week 7, August 21st-25th



I could also have called this Shape Week as both boys completed heaps of investigations with shapes.



IMG_6353.jpg  IMG_6354.jpg  IMG_6356.jpg

Darius made shapes out of paddle pop sticks. The sticks to stay together if you glue some velcro on each corner. He also used play dough and match sticks to explore how many edges and vertices each shape had.

IMG_6370.jpg  IMG_6368 (1).jpg  IMG_6371.jpg

IMG_6360.jpg  IMG_6362.jpg  IMG_6364.jpg

A. 2D Shape Challenge Cards.png 

PATTERN BLOCKS are awesome for more opened ended exploration of shapes that includes some problem solving challenges.





Darius used links to show his understanding of how teen numbers are made up of 10 add another number (e.g. 12= 10+2). Check out these activities with  Linky Teen Numbers

5a7f52d64a6ab397a172161ac794ef47.jpg IMG_6404.jpg

IMG_6416.jpg  IMG_6413.jpg  IMG_6407.jpg

Darius is also building his understanding of the base 10 system. Here he is using base ten blocks to model each teen number. We then played memory with the teen number cards.

Cyrus focused on QUADRILATERAL activities this week learning about their properties, including what the angles of each shape add up to, how many (if any) parallel lines they have, and different names for shapes in the Quadrilateral family. He learnt that 2D shape can have more than one name to explain where they fit on the shape family tree.

home-1748340-1.jpg IMG_6373.jpg

If you haven’t already, check out MATH ANTICS. We use these videos and teaching tools all the time for upper primary mathematics. The teaching is laid out clearly with each mathematical operation explained step by step. The animation is engaging and highlights what is been taught. Highly recommend!

Unknown.jpeg  images.jpeg

IMG_6411.jpg IMG_6412.jpg

Thanks to Math Antics and some hands on modelling with base 10 blocks, Cyrus finally has conversions of fractions to decimals and percentages worked out. Yay! We got there!

Darius had fun hole punching letters to practise letter recognition. You could probably make these your self, but we downloaded HOLE PUNCH LETTERS from this site. I made the first sound letter clip cards for him from magazines.

IMG_6366.jpg  IMG_6402.jpg


We met up with the Scenic Rim Homeschool group for some awesome bushwalking around Mt. French. And look who was there to greet us! Awww!

20953714_10212067052025205_3255747959473581045_n.jpg 21074081_10210745421926426_992671112_n.jpg21015679_10210745423366462_1513398736_n.jpg

IMG_6351.jpgWell, this is grown into a long post, so I link to more planet activities next week as we continue learning about Mercury, Venus and so much more. Join us!

Until then we leave you with Darius and one of our Homeschool Dogs. The chihuahua wasn’t getting out of bed for anyone this week!

Love, The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys




Our Week in Review: Stars Week!

August 14th – 18th 2017 WEEK 6. Term 3.


Star Week! Woo Hoo!

This week Darius had awesome fun with the book HOW TO CATCH A STAR by Oliver Jeffers. He used the Star Sensory bowl to retell the story.

And would you look at that awesome writing he did all by himself!!





IMG_6329.jpg  IMG_6331.jpg

IMG_6326.jpg  how_catch_star_jeffers_sensory_play_children.jpg

Darius also practised forming all the letters of the ABC with these great ABC ROADS

IMG_6281.jpg original-3293966-1.jpg

IMG_6277.jpg IMG_6283.jpg

These ABC SOUND MAZES were also fun revision for hearing that first sound of words.

IMG_6316.jpg  IMG_6319.jpg

In Math Darius practised his addition and counting skills with this OPEN INVITATION TO MATH PLAY DOUGH

IMG_6333.jpg  So-much-learning-takes-play-with-this-simple-playdough-math-invitation-to-play-Stay-At-Home-Educator-666x1000.jpg  IMG_6341.jpg

IMG_6284 (1).jpg  IMG_6292.jpg  IMG_6291.jpg

Darius also practised tally marks and teen numbers with these Teen Number Play dough Mats. Cyrus worked hard on revision of all 2D shapes, building his understanding of what defines a POLYGON and regular and irregular polygons.

IMG_6241.jpg  IMG_6243.jpg IMG_6242.jpg

original-1748340-1.jpg  IMG_6248.jpg

Much fun was had building polygons and recording number of vertices, sides and angles. Cyrus also worked very hard this week to understand how fractions can be represented as decimal fractions and percentages. We used MAB blocks to model converting fractions from say 40/100 to 40%. This became much tricker when he started working with 5/10 and then 3/5 and 3/4. I spent a lot of time modelling these fractions with MAB blocks and Cyrus was able to perform the conversions himself by the end of the week. Yay for hands on Math!

IMG_6337.jpg  IMG_6336.jpg  IMG_6340.jpg


In science we learnt all about stars. The boys had great questions like, ‘What is a star made of?’ and ‘What is a constellation?’ There are so many great ways to learn about stars. We really only scratched the surface.

IMG_6980.JPG  IMG_6347.jpg


We used alfoil and star stickers to map the constellations.

We also had an inspirational visit for the Scenic Rim Waste management and learnt so much about recycling this week. Here’s our efforts to treat the planet more gently.




IMG_6297.jpg  IMG_6299.jpg  IMG_6300.jpg

So much going on this week! It’s hard to really fit it all into one blog post!

IMG_6342.jpg  IMG_6289.jpg


But one thing I can tell you, the Homeschool Dog did NOTHING!

Look, here’s proof that she loves to stay in bed, even when we are all working hard!

Well, until next week, look after each other, be gentle with the planet, and HAVE FUN!

Love, The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys xx








Our Week in Review: All the way to the Moon!

Week 5, Term 3, 2017

7 th-11 th August

IMG_6154.jpg This week we continued learning all about the moon.

We also moved our moon sensory tub up onto a table after our very naughty, (and not so intelligent), dog decided to eat the flour!



We studied moon craters and how they form and learnt more about the first moon landing.

IMG_6173.jpg  IMG_6176.jpg  IMG_6169.jpg

Above photos are of Darius, (and Cy, but I didn’t get his picture), dropping different sized objects onto a tray of flour, with a fine dusting of milo, to show how craters are formed. This was a great experiment to explore how different sized and weighted objects make different craters and why. Check this post out for some great hands on ways to explore the MOON AND ITS CRATERS. 

IMG_6205.jpg IMG_6212.jpg IMG_6207.jpg

In math this week Darius had fun learning more about teen numbers. Here’s a hands on, magnetic  TEEN NUMBER COUNTING ACTIVITY (it could work for any number).

IMG_6216.jpg   IMG_6218.jpg

IMG_6201.jpg IMG_6199.jpg IMG_6200.jpg

Darius also practised making the TEEN NUMERALS WITH GEO BOARDS and has been exploring measurement with non-standard units. He had all manner of fun measuring wonky lines with his feet and measuring space objects with fruit loops! He is also learning to skip count by 2’s and 5’s (using fruit loops of course!)

IMG_6198.jpg IMG_6158.jpg original-2879219-1.jpg

Cyrus had fun with fractions (yes, they can be fun!) using skittles to graph fractions, add fractions, simplify fractions and how to change fractions into a percentages. Here’s the link to SKITTLES MATH for FRACTION FUN!

IMG_6208.jpg original-400571-1.jpg

IMG_6162.jpg original-1030359-1.jpgIMG_6165.jpg

Cyrus also practised times tables (yup, Mamma is determined for him to know them on fast recall!) using the ARRAYS METHOD. Lots of hands on practise!

IMG_6186.jpg IMG_6187.jpg

Cooking!!! Yum! We made Stars Cupcakes (because of course we did- it is a space unit after all!) In Physical Ed. we focused on goal keeping skills, because our big hearted Cy Cy loves his goal keeping position on his soccer team and wanted to train more at home. Our little goal keeper pretends that there are animals in the net that he must protect them all! He has had a very successful goal keeping season so far, bless that heart of his!

IMG_6180.jpgThe Homeschool Dog showed up for break time this week because it was nice and warm outside on the front deck and she thought she’d venture out from under the bed covers!

Well, we’ve had heaps fun this week, and hope you did too.

Join us next week (It’s STAR WEEK NEXT!!)

Until then, always smile with an orange in your mouth and have cups of tea with Chihuahuas! Now that is simply good life advice right there! You’re welcome!

Love, The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys xx






Our Week in Review: Moon Week!

Week 4, Term 3, 2017

IMG_6087.jpgOh the places you’ll go in homeschool!

All the way to the moon!

This week we learnt so much including the phases of the moon, why the moon has craters and about first moon landing.

I set up a Moon sensory tub for Darius and filled it with flour, (great for little hands to explore), and space craft and space characters.

Here’s a link to SPACE THEMED SENSORY TUBS if your interested.



IMG_6086.jpg IMG_6089.jpg 415ae034b4faa23437fd084ab3d5e251.jpg



It seems Darius was not the only one who enjoyed the sensory tub. We had to keep the ‘other homeschool dog’ (the not so bright one)  out of the flour because he was EATING it!!

We have proof!

Yes, that would be flour all around his mouth!




In science we learnt about the phases of the moon with OREO COOKIE MOON PHASES!

IMG_6114.jpg  IMG_6115.jpg cac048b2a405f8a81d977b53a99bee96.jpg

We also learnt about astronauts and how they prepare food in space. Here’s a great link to a video from the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION and the lesson on ASTRONAUT PUDDING that my kids loved making. We discovered what dehydrated means and why food is lighter without water in it and how the astronauts have to rehydrate all their food.

astronaut-pudding-title.jpg IMG_6123.jpg IMG_6128.jpg

In Math Cyrus continued budding on his knowledge of place value beyond the decimal point and how that relates to fractional numbers. We used SKITTLES for this very fun FRACTION LESSON. Darius learnt about measuring using non-standard units and comparing lengths.

IMG_6106 (1).jpg IMG_6101.jpg IMG_6099.jpg

5f7ff27c859591837c2057af6a5252aa.jpg IMG_6105.jpg

Darius is reading PAPA, PLEASE GET THE MOON FOR ME and having lots of fun with reading and writing activities based around this book.

04fe4ea7fcf8743148c2fb6cfae12ac8.jpg c07f2bfe6f875d382f821ce98ae86171.jpg

In Art, the boys had fun with MOON DUST PAINTING


We hope you enjoying sharing our week with us. Catch you all next week. Until then remember, don’t let your dog eat flour!

Love, The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys



Our Week in Review: EARTH AND SUN FUN!

TERM 3, Week One, Two and Three.


This term the boys are learning all about SPACE!

We started the first two weeks learning about the earth and the sun. Space is a massive topic for little Darius to get his mind around so we are doing as much hands on learning as possible. We started with planet Earth, its position from the sun and how it rotates around the sun. This involved some very funny theatrics watching Cyrus pretend to be planet Earth rotating around Darius the ‘sun’. But the point about rotation and day and night and seasons was made.

We also learnt a bit about the layers of the Earth as Darius asked if we could go on an excursion to the centre of the earth. Yup, so we had to show him why that would result in imminent death 🙂 The boys had lots of fun making play dough models of the earth’s layers

Layers-of-the-Earth-playdough--683x1024.jpg IMG_5987.jpg IMG_5990.jpg IMG_5991.jpg

So if you have a little Earth Scientist in your midst they might enjoy THIS EARTH PLAY DOUGH activity. We also made some great MARBLED EARTH PICTURES. And we found some awesome hands on earth fun for younger children. Try this EARTH SLIME or EARTH SENSORY BIN for starters!

earth-day-craft-for-kids-4.jpg Planet-Earth-Slime-Dr-Seuss-Lorax-Activity-for-Kids-2-680x1020.jpg IMG_6063.jpgSensory-Earth-Day-Activities-for-Kids-using-Water-Beads-at-B-Inspired-Mama.jpg

We also learnt about light and shadows, how fast light can travel (Darius has decided he can run at least that fast!) and how light cannot bend around solid objects.

We made LEGO SUNDIALS and learnt about how shadows can tell the time!

Lego Sundial Science Experiment for Kids.jpg IMG_6085.jpg IMG_6084.jpg

The boys had heaps of fun investigating shadows of solid objects and see through objects.

In English, Darius is reading EARTH DANCE and WHO LIKES THE SUN? While Cyrus is reading the novel SPACE CASE by Stuart Gibbs and NUMBER THE STARS by Lois Lowry.

Unknown.jpeg Unknown-1.jpeg space-case.jpg collins-modern-classics.jpg

Learning sight words and Spelling is also lots of hands on fun. We wrote out INVISIBLE LETTERS and also used magnetic letters and threading letter beads to learn words. The boys find this a lot more fun than writing our words and I find it a more effective way to teach. They actually remember their spelling and sight words from these hands on activities. And that is the point after all!

IMG_5977.jpg IMG_5973.jpg IMG_5978.jpg

IMG_6020.jpg IMG_6069.jpg IMG_6015.jpg

Darius is learning the last few letters of the alphabet and starting on digraphs (Th, Sh, Ch). We have lots of fun games for helping him hear and identify beginning sounds, like this one below where he matched small items with their beginning sounds on the ABC chart.

IMG_6061.jpg IMG_6057.jpg

In math Cyrus learnt the formula for perimeter and area after lots of hands on investigation to ‘discover’ the formula for himself. GEO BOARDS and LEGO make great tools for these concepts. Click HERE for more hands on fun for AREA and PERIMETER.

IMG_5994.jpg IMG_5992.jpg IMG_5983.jpg

Hands-on-Fun-with-Area-and-Perimeter.jpg Geoboard-Perimeter-and-Area.png

Darius had fun learning about NUMBER LINES, counting forwards and backwards and numbers before and after. We also made our teen numbers out of play dough and then squished numbers before or after a given number with the hammer! Now, what’s not to love about that!

Lego-Numberline-Pin.jpg IMG_5980.jpg

IMG_6074.jpg IMG_6075.jpg IMG_6077.jpg

IMG_6019.jpg IMG_6029.jpg

And of course, the Homeschool Dog was out of bed and doing lots of helping- NOT! Well, she did manage to pose for a photo in her new knitted jumper! That counts, right?



Till next week, remember, it’s a big small world.

Go find your wonder!


The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys








Ladybug Week

Term 2, Week 6, June 2nd, 2017


It wouldn’t really be ladybug week without reading Darius The Bad-tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle.

We watch a Youtube reading of the  story. Click HERE for the link. Ladybug rhymes to read. Click HERE for a copy of the poem.


Dazzy had a great time with this book and, allow me a Proud Mummy Moment, he produced some amazing writing without any help! (The word ‘animals’ he did copy- the rest is his own.) This from the child who did not even know all the letters of the alphabet at the beginning of this year.

IMG_5790 (1).jpg

We went looking for our sight words and spelling words hidden under ‘ladybugs’ all over the garden.

IMG_5778.jpg IMG_5779.jpg

In English Cyrus, needed to go back over some earlier grammar skills and we spent a week practising all things noun related.

IMG_5785.jpg IMG_5786.jpg

In Maths Cy has been struggling with multiplication by 2 or more digits so I found a cool new way to teach that. Turtle Head Multiplication. Click HERE for explanation if you’d like to use with your kids. And here’s a fun video Cy watched to help him understand.

IMG_5768.jpg blog_turtlehead.jpg


In fractions, Cy learnt a cool way for working out equivalent fractions without having to use hands-on materials.


Click HERE if your kids would love this.




Darius had fun with lady bug math. We covered odd and even numbers this week as well as skip counting and beginning addition.

IMG_5756.jpg IMG_5766.jpg IMG_5764.jpg

Click HERE for some free Ladybug printables for your little one.


In science we covered parts of a ladybug, life cycle and lots of other interesting facts.

IMG_5760.jpg IMG_5762.jpg

If you have a mad keen bug fan you might be interested in THESE hands on lady bug activities.


We covered so much more including music and LOTE. But more about them in another post. And no ladybug week would be complete with playing Build a Bug just for fun.

IMG_5752.jpg IMG_5750.jpg IMG_5753.jpg

Well, that’s us for this buggy week. See you next week when we do SPIDERS!!

Love, The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys xx

PS- The homeschool Dog sends her love, but she isn’t coming out from the bed covers for ANYONE this week. Too cold!



Bee Week

Week 5, Term 2

May 22-26th, 2017

IMG_5741.jpg This week was BEE WEEK! Yay. What cute little critters they are. Yes, I know they sting. But they only sting as a last resort since they die when they sting you. We kept out of their way, but had heaps of fun learning all about these busy girls. Yes- GIRLS. The hive is a sisterhood. Very few males bees are born or even  needed by the hive (sorry dudes). The girls do all the work and the boys? Well, they fertilise eggs occasionally. I’m not making any further comments on that one 🙂




The boys and I went down to Honey World on the Gold Coast and were lucky IMG_5744.jpgenough to have the bee keeper all to ourselves for over an hour. He took the boys around to all the hives and spent ages with us explaining everything Bee related.

Cyrus was WAAAAAy impressed that bees do a little interpretive  dance for each other to communicate where they have found flowers outside the hive. He spent some time showing us all how bees wiggle their butts. We also loved that there are such a thing as Teddy Bear Bees (super fluffy bees) and blue bees. Who knew? By the way, I NEED a Teddy Bear bee or four of five in my garden. It’s officially on my birthday list.

Books Darius read this week: FLIGHT OF THE HONEY BEE by Raymond Huber. Here’s where we bought it from. An awesome read following the life of a Honey Bee. Dazzy loved the rich text and illustrations. Cyrus is reading THE HOUR OF THE BEES by Lindsay Eager. A middle Grade novel suitable for ages 8-12. Here’s where we bought it from.

Unknown.jpeg  xhour-of-the-bees.jpg.pagespeed.ic.R3t_-2_4S4.jpg

Cool bee related math activities for Dazzy: If you’d like some free printable bee activities for your little one CLICK HERE

IMG_5737.jpg   Free-Printable-Math-Worksheets-for-Kids-Counting-Bees-with-Dice.png

We also found the Count to Ten Bee addition activities: Free down load CLICK HERE And we wrote some non-fiction text about bees as well as looking at the anatomy of bees and their life cycle.

bee-hive-pin.jpg photo 2.JPG

Cyrus was busy working on revising all things noun related and revising time and fractions in math. Darius is still learning the order of the alphabet. He knows the letter names and sounds, but often gets confused as to which order they come in. We had a lot of fun playing ABC washing up to practise this skill. Mummy filled a sink with soapy water and then dumped into all his magnetic letters. He had to find them and place them in order on the baking tray. (I should have thrown some dirty dishes in and got him to do some washing up- next time!)

IMG_5731.jpg IMG_5736.jpg  IMG_5734.jpg

We found lots more ideas for learning about Bees HERE if you are interested.

honeybee.jpg The boys are loving all creatures great an creepy crawly! Well, that’s it for us this week. As always the Homeschool Dog stayed right away from any creature creepy or crawling and did absolutely NOTHING.

IMG_3518.JPG.jpgIt’s the way she rolls.

As always, have a great week. Go find your bees…and your wonder. Let us know if you see a Teddy Bear Bee. Cyrus wants one. Actually…don’t tell us if you find one. 🙂

Love the Gone Wild Homeschool Boys. x




Gone Buggy.

Weeks 1-4 Term Two 2017


Sorry we have been missing from the blog for a bit. Mummy started this term really sick. Homeschool still operated, because no one gave me the number to call for a relief teacher 🙂

ANNNND…Homeschool has gone buggy mad! No, not because Mum was sick and let them all go wild (they did go a little bit wild). This term the boys wanted to learn all about mini beasts, so we are knee deep in creepy crawlies.

IMG_5542.jpg IMG_5507.jpg IMG_5503.jpg

IMG_5509.jpg We started the term with a trip to The Butterfly House on the Gold Coast. It’s only a small butterfly enclosure, but the boys were able to get up close and maybe a bit too personal with the butterflies. (Cyrus wanted to adopt them all.)

The boys got to see the butterflies laying eggs and watched the caterpillars munching happily away on their host plants. Kind of a cool way to spend the morning.

We learnt so much. And some of what we learn was a bit sad actually. Cyrus, my big hearted dude, was very sad to learn that many of Australia’s native butterflies are being lost due to the spraying of weeds. He is desperate to round up all the butterflies and bring them home. Problem is (actually there are a few problems with this idea) that Cyrus wants them all to sleep in his bed. With his coconut. and his gazillion other creatures and friends. (Honestly, that kid would sleep in bed with his pet fish if we’d let him.)

Anyway, something I didn’t know is that many of those plants classified as ‘weeds’ are in fact the host plants of native butterflies. I thought that butterflies laid their eggs on any plant, (what did I learn in school?) but this is not the case. Each particular butterfly will only lay eggs on its own specific host plant. A plant that has the right food for their caterpillars. If they cannot find their host plant due to mass spraying of that ‘weed’ then they will not lay.

Cyrus was almost in tears when he learnt that we are simply losing our butterflies because they cannot find the right plant to lay eggs on. I have to say, I am sad about this too. We started planting some of these plants in our garden to attract native butterflies. Not all of them are considered weeds. Ever heard of a Native Finger Lime? No? Me either. But we have one growing in our backyard now. It’s a native Australian lime that one of our rare butterflies love to lay eggs on. So plant some Finger Limes people.

IMG_5563.jpgIn other happier news, we ran around the local parks of Boonah, yeah, Mummy too, finding mini beasts. I think one of the best things about homeschool so far has been watching the boys begin to love learning again. They are finally approaching the world with WONDER.

Seriously, how much of traditional school is about end results, tests and getting through a body of work to keep up with the national curriculum? When do kids get to be still, take time to think, to question and to wonder why? I’m not really surprised that kids are completely over school by the end of year 12. I think we beat the wonder out of them by then.

Anyway, (rant over) my little Entomologist are learning some amazing things about bugs. Like, did you know that dragonflies spend most of their lives underwater? Yup. They do. And did you know certain ants play nurse maid to some butterflies? Yup. And those poor little ants look most surprised when those butterfly larvae ‘hatch’ out. Most un-ant like of them.


IMG_5560.jpg IMG_5559.jpg


You’ll all be pleased to know that the Homeschool Dog is still doing nothing and learning nothing. We love her anyway.

IMG_5580.jpgTill next week, remember, it’s a big small world. Go find your bugs…um…wonder. Go find your wonder. 🙂

Love Gone Wild Homeschool


Sea World: Final Excursion for Oceans Unit



So, Mummy may or may not have gone overseas with Daddy on a child free cruise to the south pacific islands leaving homeschool boys in the very capable hands of grandparents… and that might be why I’ve been a little quiet here on our homeschool blog 🙂

But before I left for nearly two weeks, I took the boys to SEA WORLD!

IMG_1336.jpg  IMG_1370.jpg


This is a really worth while homeschool excursion made all the better by the fact that the boys have learnt so much about oceans and the creatures within. Their questions showed how much they had come to understand about the behaviours of animals and life in their habitats throughout the world’s oceans.








And it was so amazing to actually be able to see some of the animals we had studied up close and personal.

IMG_1337 (1).jpg  IMG_1332.jpg

IMG_5449.jpg  IMG_1343.jpg

The boys had lots of sea faring fun, rides and ice-cream. Mental note to self: do not ride jet ski roller coaster ride three times with eldest sone ever again!




Cyrus has decided on a career as a marine biologist. Either that or a jet ski stunt rider. Frankly, I can see him doing either quiet well.






IMG_1346.jpg IMG_1365.jpg

And as we finish our last three days of term one next week, we hope you all have had a great first term. We’ll be posting some links to our favourite ocean themed science experiments next week as well as some other cool resources we have used during our unit. A huge shout out to Bev and Phil and my mother who bravely stepped in as teacher for our homeschooling boys while hubby and I took a break together. We thank you from the bottom of our well rested hearts 🙂


Until next week remember, it’s a big, small world. Go find you wonder! Love, The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys


Our Week in Review

Week 6, Term 1.


IMG_5275.jpg  IMG_5276.jpg

Star Fish Week! And what odd little creatures they are. Lose an arm? Not a problem. Star Fish regrow them. And the lost arm? It becomes another starfish. Cyrus suggested we try it and see if it worked on Darius…brotherly love!

IMG_5278.jpg IMG_5279.jpg IMG_5290.jpg

We wrote sight words and spelling words in paint baggies.

IMG_5371.jpg IMG_5366.jpg IMG_5369.jpg

Darius is practising alphabetical order with his ABC cars. Simple. Easy to make. And Dazzy is finally starting to remember the order. He also practised hearing first sounds in words and matching same sounds together. I gave him a pile of mini objects to match to ABC picture mats. And we had some fun with the new letter Ff.

IMG_5285.jpg IMG_5299.jpg IMG_5302.jpg

IMG_5294.jpg IMG_5364.jpg


Cyrus started his first novel study on his own. We are reading through THE TURLES OF OMAN together, but he is now reading STORM BOY (great Aussie Classic) on his own and answering some more in-depth questions about author intentions, plot, pacing and figurative language. Mummy is in her element and Cy likes the boy an this pelican in the story, so together, we are making headway. (Doesn’t he look thrilled in this picture?!)

IMG_5361.jpg The boys are also learning AUSLAN, Australian sign Language, and we have recently started finger spelling our words for the week as extra practise.

IMG_5353.jpg IMG_5355.jpg If anyone is interested in learning this we have some awesome teaching DVD’s and I can link to the website in the comments. Even little Darius is enjoying this and keeping up with our lessons. WE go really slow, folks. Mummy isn’t very good at it yet.

IMG_5357.jpg In Math this week Darius started some beginning addition skills and had lots of fun learning more about shapes. Because of his visual processing difficulties he actually finds differentiating between shapes quite difficult.

IMG_5321.jpg IMG_5317.jpg IMG_5320.jpg

IMG_5326.jpg IMG_5388.jpg IMG_5311.jpg

Cyrus used Legos to model his 7 times tables and we used M&M’s to practise long division. Yup, candy and math. Works for Cy who hates long division 🙂

IMG_5328.jpg  IMG_5329.jpg

Scenic Rim Homeschool got together for Sand Art. Dazzy and Cy did a science experiment to model how Shark’s oily livers aide in their buoyancy and after all that HUGE WEEK, we bailed on Friday and went to Mogerah Dam for Friday’s literacy hour.

IMG_5345.jpg IMG_5352.jpg IMG_5349.jpg

IMG_5384.jpg  IMG_5381.jpg


How’s that for a classroom!





The Homeschool Dog didn’t even make it out of bed until lunch time most days…

and the Math Dog? Well…he ditched math in favour of…anything really (licking his butt, chasing at the postman…you get the idea.)


We hope you had a great week. And until next week, remember, it’s a big, small world out there. Go find your wonder…oh, and if you see the Math Dog chasing the postie while you’re out and about, send him home eh?


Love, The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys x