Our Week in Review: Mercury Week.

Term 3, Week 7, August 21st-25th



I could also have called this Shape Week as both boys completed heaps of investigations with shapes.



IMG_6353.jpg  IMG_6354.jpg  IMG_6356.jpg

Darius made shapes out of paddle pop sticks. The sticks to stay together if you glue some velcro on each corner. He also used play dough and match sticks to explore how many edges and vertices each shape had.

IMG_6370.jpg  IMG_6368 (1).jpg  IMG_6371.jpg

IMG_6360.jpg  IMG_6362.jpg  IMG_6364.jpg

A. 2D Shape Challenge Cards.png 

PATTERN BLOCKS are awesome for more opened ended exploration of shapes that includes some problem solving challenges.





Darius used links to show his understanding of how teen numbers are made up of 10 add another number (e.g. 12= 10+2). Check out these activities with  Linky Teen Numbers

5a7f52d64a6ab397a172161ac794ef47.jpg IMG_6404.jpg

IMG_6416.jpg  IMG_6413.jpg  IMG_6407.jpg

Darius is also building his understanding of the base 10 system. Here he is using base ten blocks to model each teen number. We then played memory with the teen number cards.

Cyrus focused on QUADRILATERAL activities this week learning about their properties, including what the angles of each shape add up to, how many (if any) parallel lines they have, and different names for shapes in the Quadrilateral family. He learnt that 2D shape can have more than one name to explain where they fit on the shape family tree.

home-1748340-1.jpg IMG_6373.jpg

If you haven’t already, check out MATH ANTICS. We use these videos and teaching tools all the time for upper primary mathematics. The teaching is laid out clearly with each mathematical operation explained step by step. The animation is engaging and highlights what is been taught. Highly recommend!

Unknown.jpeg  images.jpeg

IMG_6411.jpg IMG_6412.jpg

Thanks to Math Antics and some hands on modelling with base 10 blocks, Cyrus finally has conversions of fractions to decimals and percentages worked out. Yay! We got there!

Darius had fun hole punching letters to practise letter recognition. You could probably make these your self, but we downloaded HOLE PUNCH LETTERS from this site. I made the first sound letter clip cards for him from magazines.

IMG_6366.jpg  IMG_6402.jpg


We met up with the Scenic Rim Homeschool group for some awesome bushwalking around Mt. French. And look who was there to greet us! Awww!

20953714_10212067052025205_3255747959473581045_n.jpg 21074081_10210745421926426_992671112_n.jpg21015679_10210745423366462_1513398736_n.jpg

IMG_6351.jpgWell, this is grown into a long post, so I link to more planet activities next week as we continue learning about Mercury, Venus and so much more. Join us!

Until then we leave you with Darius and one of our Homeschool Dogs. The chihuahua wasn’t getting out of bed for anyone this week!

Love, The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys




Our Week in Review: Stars Week!

August 14th – 18th 2017 WEEK 6. Term 3.


Star Week! Woo Hoo!

This week Darius had awesome fun with the book HOW TO CATCH A STAR by Oliver Jeffers. He used the Star Sensory bowl to retell the story.

And would you look at that awesome writing he did all by himself!!





IMG_6329.jpg  IMG_6331.jpg

IMG_6326.jpg  how_catch_star_jeffers_sensory_play_children.jpg

Darius also practised forming all the letters of the ABC with these great ABC ROADS

IMG_6281.jpg original-3293966-1.jpg

IMG_6277.jpg IMG_6283.jpg

These ABC SOUND MAZES were also fun revision for hearing that first sound of words.

IMG_6316.jpg  IMG_6319.jpg

In Math Darius practised his addition and counting skills with this OPEN INVITATION TO MATH PLAY DOUGH

IMG_6333.jpg  So-much-learning-takes-play-with-this-simple-playdough-math-invitation-to-play-Stay-At-Home-Educator-666x1000.jpg  IMG_6341.jpg

IMG_6284 (1).jpg  IMG_6292.jpg  IMG_6291.jpg

Darius also practised tally marks and teen numbers with these Teen Number Play dough Mats. Cyrus worked hard on revision of all 2D shapes, building his understanding of what defines a POLYGON and regular and irregular polygons.

IMG_6241.jpg  IMG_6243.jpg IMG_6242.jpg

original-1748340-1.jpg  IMG_6248.jpg

Much fun was had building polygons and recording number of vertices, sides and angles. Cyrus also worked very hard this week to understand how fractions can be represented as decimal fractions and percentages. We used MAB blocks to model converting fractions from say 40/100 to 40%. This became much tricker when he started working with 5/10 and then 3/5 and 3/4. I spent a lot of time modelling these fractions with MAB blocks and Cyrus was able to perform the conversions himself by the end of the week. Yay for hands on Math!

IMG_6337.jpg  IMG_6336.jpg  IMG_6340.jpg


In science we learnt all about stars. The boys had great questions like, ‘What is a star made of?’ and ‘What is a constellation?’ There are so many great ways to learn about stars. We really only scratched the surface.

IMG_6980.JPG  IMG_6347.jpg


We used alfoil and star stickers to map the constellations.

We also had an inspirational visit for the Scenic Rim Waste management and learnt so much about recycling this week. Here’s our efforts to treat the planet more gently.




IMG_6297.jpg  IMG_6299.jpg  IMG_6300.jpg

So much going on this week! It’s hard to really fit it all into one blog post!

IMG_6342.jpg  IMG_6289.jpg


But one thing I can tell you, the Homeschool Dog did NOTHING!

Look, here’s proof that she loves to stay in bed, even when we are all working hard!

Well, until next week, look after each other, be gentle with the planet, and HAVE FUN!

Love, The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys xx








Our Week in Review: All the way to the Moon!

Week 5, Term 3, 2017

7 th-11 th August

IMG_6154.jpg This week we continued learning all about the moon.

We also moved our moon sensory tub up onto a table after our very naughty, (and not so intelligent), dog decided to eat the flour!



We studied moon craters and how they form and learnt more about the first moon landing.

IMG_6173.jpg  IMG_6176.jpg  IMG_6169.jpg

Above photos are of Darius, (and Cy, but I didn’t get his picture), dropping different sized objects onto a tray of flour, with a fine dusting of milo, to show how craters are formed. This was a great experiment to explore how different sized and weighted objects make different craters and why. Check this post out for some great hands on ways to explore the MOON AND ITS CRATERS. 

IMG_6205.jpg IMG_6212.jpg IMG_6207.jpg

In math this week Darius had fun learning more about teen numbers. Here’s a hands on, magnetic  TEEN NUMBER COUNTING ACTIVITY (it could work for any number).

IMG_6216.jpg   IMG_6218.jpg

IMG_6201.jpg IMG_6199.jpg IMG_6200.jpg

Darius also practised making the TEEN NUMERALS WITH GEO BOARDS and has been exploring measurement with non-standard units. He had all manner of fun measuring wonky lines with his feet and measuring space objects with fruit loops! He is also learning to skip count by 2’s and 5’s (using fruit loops of course!)

IMG_6198.jpg IMG_6158.jpg original-2879219-1.jpg

Cyrus had fun with fractions (yes, they can be fun!) using skittles to graph fractions, add fractions, simplify fractions and how to change fractions into a percentages. Here’s the link to SKITTLES MATH for FRACTION FUN!

IMG_6208.jpg original-400571-1.jpg

IMG_6162.jpg original-1030359-1.jpgIMG_6165.jpg

Cyrus also practised times tables (yup, Mamma is determined for him to know them on fast recall!) using the ARRAYS METHOD. Lots of hands on practise!

IMG_6186.jpg IMG_6187.jpg

Cooking!!! Yum! We made Stars Cupcakes (because of course we did- it is a space unit after all!) In Physical Ed. we focused on goal keeping skills, because our big hearted Cy Cy loves his goal keeping position on his soccer team and wanted to train more at home. Our little goal keeper pretends that there are animals in the net that he must protect them all! He has had a very successful goal keeping season so far, bless that heart of his!

IMG_6180.jpgThe Homeschool Dog showed up for break time this week because it was nice and warm outside on the front deck and she thought she’d venture out from under the bed covers!

Well, we’ve had heaps fun this week, and hope you did too.

Join us next week (It’s STAR WEEK NEXT!!)

Until then, always smile with an orange in your mouth and have cups of tea with Chihuahuas! Now that is simply good life advice right there! You’re welcome!

Love, The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys xx






Our Week in Review: Moon Week!

Week 4, Term 3, 2017

IMG_6087.jpgOh the places you’ll go in homeschool!

All the way to the moon!

This week we learnt so much including the phases of the moon, why the moon has craters and about first moon landing.

I set up a Moon sensory tub for Darius and filled it with flour, (great for little hands to explore), and space craft and space characters.

Here’s a link to SPACE THEMED SENSORY TUBS if your interested.



IMG_6086.jpg IMG_6089.jpg 415ae034b4faa23437fd084ab3d5e251.jpg



It seems Darius was not the only one who enjoyed the sensory tub. We had to keep the ‘other homeschool dog’ (the not so bright one)  out of the flour because he was EATING it!!

We have proof!

Yes, that would be flour all around his mouth!




In science we learnt about the phases of the moon with OREO COOKIE MOON PHASES!

IMG_6114.jpg  IMG_6115.jpg cac048b2a405f8a81d977b53a99bee96.jpg

We also learnt about astronauts and how they prepare food in space. Here’s a great link to a video from the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION and the lesson on ASTRONAUT PUDDING that my kids loved making. We discovered what dehydrated means and why food is lighter without water in it and how the astronauts have to rehydrate all their food.

astronaut-pudding-title.jpg IMG_6123.jpg IMG_6128.jpg

In Math Cyrus continued budding on his knowledge of place value beyond the decimal point and how that relates to fractional numbers. We used SKITTLES for this very fun FRACTION LESSON. Darius learnt about measuring using non-standard units and comparing lengths.

IMG_6106 (1).jpg IMG_6101.jpg IMG_6099.jpg

5f7ff27c859591837c2057af6a5252aa.jpg IMG_6105.jpg

Darius is reading PAPA, PLEASE GET THE MOON FOR ME and having lots of fun with reading and writing activities based around this book.

04fe4ea7fcf8743148c2fb6cfae12ac8.jpg c07f2bfe6f875d382f821ce98ae86171.jpg

In Art, the boys had fun with MOON DUST PAINTING


We hope you enjoying sharing our week with us. Catch you all next week. Until then remember, don’t let your dog eat flour!

Love, The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys