Bee Week

Week 5, Term 2

May 22-26th, 2017

IMG_5741.jpg This week was BEE WEEK! Yay. What cute little critters they are. Yes, I know they sting. But they only sting as a last resort since they die when they sting you. We kept out of their way, but had heaps of fun learning all about these busy girls. Yes- GIRLS. The hive is a sisterhood. Very few males bees are born or even  needed by the hive (sorry dudes). The girls do all the work and the boys? Well, they fertilise eggs occasionally. I’m not making any further comments on that one 🙂




The boys and I went down to Honey World on the Gold Coast and were lucky IMG_5744.jpgenough to have the bee keeper all to ourselves for over an hour. He took the boys around to all the hives and spent ages with us explaining everything Bee related.

Cyrus was WAAAAAy impressed that bees do a little interpretive  dance for each other to communicate where they have found flowers outside the hive. He spent some time showing us all how bees wiggle their butts. We also loved that there are such a thing as Teddy Bear Bees (super fluffy bees) and blue bees. Who knew? By the way, I NEED a Teddy Bear bee or four of five in my garden. It’s officially on my birthday list.

Books Darius read this week: FLIGHT OF THE HONEY BEE by Raymond Huber. Here’s where we bought it from. An awesome read following the life of a Honey Bee. Dazzy loved the rich text and illustrations. Cyrus is reading THE HOUR OF THE BEES by Lindsay Eager. A middle Grade novel suitable for ages 8-12. Here’s where we bought it from.

Unknown.jpeg  xhour-of-the-bees.jpg.pagespeed.ic.R3t_-2_4S4.jpg

Cool bee related math activities for Dazzy: If you’d like some free printable bee activities for your little one CLICK HERE

IMG_5737.jpg   Free-Printable-Math-Worksheets-for-Kids-Counting-Bees-with-Dice.png

We also found the Count to Ten Bee addition activities: Free down load CLICK HERE And we wrote some non-fiction text about bees as well as looking at the anatomy of bees and their life cycle.

bee-hive-pin.jpg photo 2.JPG

Cyrus was busy working on revising all things noun related and revising time and fractions in math. Darius is still learning the order of the alphabet. He knows the letter names and sounds, but often gets confused as to which order they come in. We had a lot of fun playing ABC washing up to practise this skill. Mummy filled a sink with soapy water and then dumped into all his magnetic letters. He had to find them and place them in order on the baking tray. (I should have thrown some dirty dishes in and got him to do some washing up- next time!)

IMG_5731.jpg IMG_5736.jpg  IMG_5734.jpg

We found lots more ideas for learning about Bees HERE if you are interested.

honeybee.jpg The boys are loving all creatures great an creepy crawly! Well, that’s it for us this week. As always the Homeschool Dog stayed right away from any creature creepy or crawling and did absolutely NOTHING.

IMG_3518.JPG.jpgIt’s the way she rolls.

As always, have a great week. Go find your bees…and your wonder. Let us know if you see a Teddy Bear Bee. Cyrus wants one. Actually…don’t tell us if you find one. 🙂

Love the Gone Wild Homeschool Boys. x





Gone Buggy.

Weeks 1-4 Term Two 2017


Sorry we have been missing from the blog for a bit. Mummy started this term really sick. Homeschool still operated, because no one gave me the number to call for a relief teacher 🙂

ANNNND…Homeschool has gone buggy mad! No, not because Mum was sick and let them all go wild (they did go a little bit wild). This term the boys wanted to learn all about mini beasts, so we are knee deep in creepy crawlies.

IMG_5542.jpg IMG_5507.jpg IMG_5503.jpg

IMG_5509.jpg We started the term with a trip to The Butterfly House on the Gold Coast. It’s only a small butterfly enclosure, but the boys were able to get up close and maybe a bit too personal with the butterflies. (Cyrus wanted to adopt them all.)

The boys got to see the butterflies laying eggs and watched the caterpillars munching happily away on their host plants. Kind of a cool way to spend the morning.

We learnt so much. And some of what we learn was a bit sad actually. Cyrus, my big hearted dude, was very sad to learn that many of Australia’s native butterflies are being lost due to the spraying of weeds. He is desperate to round up all the butterflies and bring them home. Problem is (actually there are a few problems with this idea) that Cyrus wants them all to sleep in his bed. With his coconut. and his gazillion other creatures and friends. (Honestly, that kid would sleep in bed with his pet fish if we’d let him.)

Anyway, something I didn’t know is that many of those plants classified as ‘weeds’ are in fact the host plants of native butterflies. I thought that butterflies laid their eggs on any plant, (what did I learn in school?) but this is not the case. Each particular butterfly will only lay eggs on its own specific host plant. A plant that has the right food for their caterpillars. If they cannot find their host plant due to mass spraying of that ‘weed’ then they will not lay.

Cyrus was almost in tears when he learnt that we are simply losing our butterflies because they cannot find the right plant to lay eggs on. I have to say, I am sad about this too. We started planting some of these plants in our garden to attract native butterflies. Not all of them are considered weeds. Ever heard of a Native Finger Lime? No? Me either. But we have one growing in our backyard now. It’s a native Australian lime that one of our rare butterflies love to lay eggs on. So plant some Finger Limes people.

IMG_5563.jpgIn other happier news, we ran around the local parks of Boonah, yeah, Mummy too, finding mini beasts. I think one of the best things about homeschool so far has been watching the boys begin to love learning again. They are finally approaching the world with WONDER.

Seriously, how much of traditional school is about end results, tests and getting through a body of work to keep up with the national curriculum? When do kids get to be still, take time to think, to question and to wonder why? I’m not really surprised that kids are completely over school by the end of year 12. I think we beat the wonder out of them by then.

Anyway, (rant over) my little Entomologist are learning some amazing things about bugs. Like, did you know that dragonflies spend most of their lives underwater? Yup. They do. And did you know certain ants play nurse maid to some butterflies? Yup. And those poor little ants look most surprised when those butterfly larvae ‘hatch’ out. Most un-ant like of them.


IMG_5560.jpg IMG_5559.jpg


You’ll all be pleased to know that the Homeschool Dog is still doing nothing and learning nothing. We love her anyway.

IMG_5580.jpgTill next week, remember, it’s a big small world. Go find your bugs…um…wonder. Go find your wonder. 🙂

Love Gone Wild Homeschool