Sea World: Final Excursion for Oceans Unit



So, Mummy may or may not have gone overseas with Daddy on a child free cruise to the south pacific islands leaving homeschool boys in the very capable hands of grandparents… and that might be why I’ve been a little quiet here on our homeschool blog 🙂

But before I left for nearly two weeks, I took the boys to SEA WORLD!

IMG_1336.jpg  IMG_1370.jpg


This is a really worth while homeschool excursion made all the better by the fact that the boys have learnt so much about oceans and the creatures within. Their questions showed how much they had come to understand about the behaviours of animals and life in their habitats throughout the world’s oceans.








And it was so amazing to actually be able to see some of the animals we had studied up close and personal.

IMG_1337 (1).jpg  IMG_1332.jpg

IMG_5449.jpg  IMG_1343.jpg

The boys had lots of sea faring fun, rides and ice-cream. Mental note to self: do not ride jet ski roller coaster ride three times with eldest sone ever again!




Cyrus has decided on a career as a marine biologist. Either that or a jet ski stunt rider. Frankly, I can see him doing either quiet well.






IMG_1346.jpg IMG_1365.jpg

And as we finish our last three days of term one next week, we hope you all have had a great first term. We’ll be posting some links to our favourite ocean themed science experiments next week as well as some other cool resources we have used during our unit. A huge shout out to Bev and Phil and my mother who bravely stepped in as teacher for our homeschooling boys while hubby and I took a break together. We thank you from the bottom of our well rested hearts 🙂


Until next week remember, it’s a big, small world. Go find you wonder! Love, The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys



Our Week in Review

Week 6, Term 1.


IMG_5275.jpg  IMG_5276.jpg

Star Fish Week! And what odd little creatures they are. Lose an arm? Not a problem. Star Fish regrow them. And the lost arm? It becomes another starfish. Cyrus suggested we try it and see if it worked on Darius…brotherly love!

IMG_5278.jpg IMG_5279.jpg IMG_5290.jpg

We wrote sight words and spelling words in paint baggies.

IMG_5371.jpg IMG_5366.jpg IMG_5369.jpg

Darius is practising alphabetical order with his ABC cars. Simple. Easy to make. And Dazzy is finally starting to remember the order. He also practised hearing first sounds in words and matching same sounds together. I gave him a pile of mini objects to match to ABC picture mats. And we had some fun with the new letter Ff.

IMG_5285.jpg IMG_5299.jpg IMG_5302.jpg

IMG_5294.jpg IMG_5364.jpg


Cyrus started his first novel study on his own. We are reading through THE TURLES OF OMAN together, but he is now reading STORM BOY (great Aussie Classic) on his own and answering some more in-depth questions about author intentions, plot, pacing and figurative language. Mummy is in her element and Cy likes the boy an this pelican in the story, so together, we are making headway. (Doesn’t he look thrilled in this picture?!)

IMG_5361.jpg The boys are also learning AUSLAN, Australian sign Language, and we have recently started finger spelling our words for the week as extra practise.

IMG_5353.jpg IMG_5355.jpg If anyone is interested in learning this we have some awesome teaching DVD’s and I can link to the website in the comments. Even little Darius is enjoying this and keeping up with our lessons. WE go really slow, folks. Mummy isn’t very good at it yet.

IMG_5357.jpg In Math this week Darius started some beginning addition skills and had lots of fun learning more about shapes. Because of his visual processing difficulties he actually finds differentiating between shapes quite difficult.

IMG_5321.jpg IMG_5317.jpg IMG_5320.jpg

IMG_5326.jpg IMG_5388.jpg IMG_5311.jpg

Cyrus used Legos to model his 7 times tables and we used M&M’s to practise long division. Yup, candy and math. Works for Cy who hates long division 🙂

IMG_5328.jpg  IMG_5329.jpg

Scenic Rim Homeschool got together for Sand Art. Dazzy and Cy did a science experiment to model how Shark’s oily livers aide in their buoyancy and after all that HUGE WEEK, we bailed on Friday and went to Mogerah Dam for Friday’s literacy hour.

IMG_5345.jpg IMG_5352.jpg IMG_5349.jpg

IMG_5384.jpg  IMG_5381.jpg


How’s that for a classroom!





The Homeschool Dog didn’t even make it out of bed until lunch time most days…

and the Math Dog? Well…he ditched math in favour of…anything really (licking his butt, chasing at the postman…you get the idea.)


We hope you had a great week. And until next week, remember, it’s a big, small world out there. Go find your wonder…oh, and if you see the Math Dog chasing the postie while you’re out and about, send him home eh?


Love, The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys x

Gone Wild on the Lake

Homeschool Excursion. Kayaking!

Gone Wild and WET with homeschool!


Kayaking early on Sunday morning. Not our usual sleeps ins, read the paper and pancakes at 10am and convince kids to get out of pjs some time before dinner. But well worth raising the dead…or raising our teenager out of bed at 6:30am to head out with the whole family to our local dam with The Broken Paddle Canoe Club.

IMG_5261.jpg  IMG_5273.jpg

We are happy to report that no canoes were broken and no paddles were broken and for that the group can be thankful. We did have Cyrus with us after all.

IMG_5266.jpgDarius did it all without a sweat. Daddy, on the other hand, was the ‘engine’ for his kayak despite Cyrus’ claims that he’d win the race. There was no race. But don’t tell that to my nine-year-old who thinks the whole world is one enormous party where fast is better and faster is best.


I wisely chose to jump in behind the thirteen-year-old who can paddle up a storm.

Once he actually got in the boat that is.

The day was still. The sky blue with threads of clouds. And the morning was about us. A family. Just hanging out and having fun.IMG_5267.jpg

And those are the best excursions I know.

If you have a chance to get out to this part of the world, see if you can hook up with a group for some paddling fun. Or bring your own. A perfect excuse to skip a sleep in. And if you know me, I don’t say that lightly.

IMG_5269.jpg IMG_5265.jpg

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, friends. And remember, it’s a big, small world out there. Go find your wonder 🙂


Love, The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys. x

Our Week In Review

Week 5, Term 1.


IMG_5080 (1).jpg

And all things wild and sharky went down this week at Gone Wild Homeschool. We excavated shark’s teeth in science.

IMG_5229.jpg IMG_5231.jpg IMG_5230.jpg

We threw fish to sharks. Dazzy’s sight words were on the fish and of course the shark only ‘ate’ the sight word if you could read it.

IMG_5215.jpg IMG_5214.jpg


Dazzy also learnt about numbers more than and less than in Shark bay where he had to roll a dice, count and add sharks to the water or take sharks out (depending on if we were doing more than or less than)


Cyrus practised his seven times tables fishing in shark bay. Answers to match number facts were on shells at the bottom of Shark Bay.IMG_5077.jpg


Darius practised his letter recognition by ‘feeding a shark’ the ‘letter fish.’

IMG_5067.jpg  IMG_5070.jpg

We also bowled over our sight words and spelling words (no score unless you could read and say the word). And all manner of other letter fun.

IMG_5060.jpg IMG_5058.jpg IMG_5057.jpg

IMG_5063.jpg IMG_5052.jpg IMG_5065.jpg

IMG_5182.jpg IMG_5220.jpg

Dazzy also learnt all about the properties of triangle and started some beginning addition concepts. Cyrus learnt how to read 24 hour time, practised his 7 times table and problem solving strategies

.IMG_5227.jpg IMG_5249.jpg IMG_5242.jpg

IMG_5244.jpg IMG_5083.jpg IMG_5222.jpg

WE went on an art excursions to GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) where we talked about difference and diversity. At the end of our discussion Cyrus said, “I think these art works are valuable because the artists put a lot of time and effort into them. So that’s why I think all creativity is valuable.” And really, that’s a lot to know at only nine years of age.

IMG_5146.jpg IMG_5147.jpg

IMG_5139.jpg IMG_5174.jpg

In cooking we made beach cupcakes.

.IMG_5094.jpg IMG_5111.jpg IMG_5108.jpg

And, that concludes a fabulous shark week. In the interest of honest sharing, we did have fun, but there are also moments that all homeschoolers will know when both you and your children get frustrated. This week Cyrus and both apologised to each other for freaking out. His freak out was over the work being challenging. And my freak out was over him not owning his learning in that moment and being a self-directed learner. Yeah. We made it through of course. But I wanted to share that there are moments of tears and mutual growth for both learner and teacher.

IMG_5247.jpgThe Homeschool Dog learnt… well, she learnt nothing really. She is however very consistent in her endeavours.  And again this week, she DID NOTHING. We would however like to introduce you to our other Homeschool Dog. Now given the proud title of ‘Math Dog.’ He does nothing really, but he is a companion to all those who chose to lay on the floor and do their math work. 🙂

Thanks for joining us again. Be kind to yourselves in the midst of your own learning and teaching this week. (and even if you don’t homeschool, life is full of both learning and teaching moments).

Until next week, remember, it’s a big small world. Go find your wonder. x

Love, The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys.