Our Week in Review: Moon Week!

Week 4, Term 3, 2017

IMG_6087.jpgOh the places you’ll go in homeschool!

All the way to the moon!

This week we learnt so much including the phases of the moon, why the moon has craters and about first moon landing.

I set up a Moon sensory tub for Darius and filled it with flour, (great for little hands to explore), and space craft and space characters.

Here’s a link to SPACE THEMED SENSORY TUBS if your interested.



IMG_6086.jpg IMG_6089.jpg 415ae034b4faa23437fd084ab3d5e251.jpg



It seems Darius was not the only one who enjoyed the sensory tub. We had to keep the ‘other homeschool dog’ (the not so bright one)  out of the flour because he was EATING it!!

We have proof!

Yes, that would be flour all around his mouth!




In science we learnt about the phases of the moon with OREO COOKIE MOON PHASES!

IMG_6114.jpg  IMG_6115.jpg cac048b2a405f8a81d977b53a99bee96.jpg

We also learnt about astronauts and how they prepare food in space. Here’s a great link to a video from the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION and the lesson on ASTRONAUT PUDDING that my kids loved making. We discovered what dehydrated means and why food is lighter without water in it and how the astronauts have to rehydrate all their food.

astronaut-pudding-title.jpg IMG_6123.jpg IMG_6128.jpg

In Math Cyrus continued budding on his knowledge of place value beyond the decimal point and how that relates to fractional numbers. We used SKITTLES for this very fun FRACTION LESSON. Darius learnt about measuring using non-standard units and comparing lengths.

IMG_6106 (1).jpg IMG_6101.jpg IMG_6099.jpg

5f7ff27c859591837c2057af6a5252aa.jpg IMG_6105.jpg

Darius is reading PAPA, PLEASE GET THE MOON FOR ME and having lots of fun with reading and writing activities based around this book.

04fe4ea7fcf8743148c2fb6cfae12ac8.jpg c07f2bfe6f875d382f821ce98ae86171.jpg

In Art, the boys had fun with MOON DUST PAINTING


We hope you enjoying sharing our week with us. Catch you all next week. Until then remember, don’t let your dog eat flour!

Love, The Gone Wild Homeschool Boys




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